Davide Passito

Once commonly planted throughout the Roero hills, over the years the aromatic Brachetto grape has gradually been replaced by other varieties thought to be more accessible to the wider public. Particularly rare these days is the passito version, able to enhance the natural sweetness of the grape and with a bouquet of refined delicacy and intriguing fragrance. As with the Arneis passito, the process of drying the grapes begins in the vineyard, while aging in wood and in the bottle gives the wine its final character. Brick-red in colour, the “Davide” Passito offers fragrances of flowers and fruit in liqueur and a supple palate with fascinating coherence. Ideal with all desserts.

Grape varietal: 
wine obtained by overripe grapes harvested.
Fermentation and maturation: 
for 2 years in barriques.
intense spicy nose typical of Brachetto.
14,5°% vol.
Service temperature: 
Davide - Passito.