Elena Roero Arneis D.O.C.G. Metodo Classico

This sparkling wine made only from Arneis grapes captures the timeless magic of bubbles. The ultimate festive drink, it is perfect for celebrating joyful moments and special occasions, but also for accompanying all the courses of a convivial meal. The early harvest, essential for preserving the fruit’s acidity, is followed by the traditional double fermentation, first in steel and then in the bottle.
It is during this phase that some of the most fascinating rituals of the whole production process take place: the resting on the fine lees for at least 24 months, with the bottle constantly rotated, always by hand, as part of the ancient remuage process. This is followed by d├ęgorgement, when the lees are removed from the wine, and the closure of the bottles with the typical mushroom cork. “Elena” offers a rich, delicate perlage, scents of white-fleshed fruit and pastry cream, a silky, enveloping palate and a long, perfectly balanced finish.

Grape varietal: 
7000-7500 kg grapes per hectare.
advanced harvest (end of August).
soft pneumatic pressing ot the grapes, fermentation in stainless steel with controlled temperature (primary fermentation).
Secondary fermentation: 
the capturing foam is in the bottle (classic method) and the wine remains there to improve for 18-24 months on the soft lees of the yeasts.
manual remuage on the pupitre and resulting disgorging.
Service temperature: 
10-11┬░ C.
Elena - Roero Arneis D.O.C.G. - Metodo Classico.