Luca Vino da uve stramature

A sweet wine made with overipening grapes cluster. In the vineyard, the bunches are pruned in September to stop the transfer of nutrition from the plant to the fruit, then left late, until November, to dry out naturally. The grapes are processed in the winery following traditional techniques, and the wine ages at length in wood. The end result has an amber colour, characteristic nut and candied fruit aromas and an inviting, soft and delicately balanced palate. An intense wine, perfect for sipping on its own or for pairing with fruit and dessert at the end of a meal.

Grape varietal: 
White grapes.
wine obtained by overripe grapes harvested when the berries begin to be affected by noble rot (end october, begin november).
Fermentation and maturation: 
for 2 years in barriques.
fortified wine, hoeyed, with notes of ripe fruit.
14,5°% vol.
Service temperature: 
12-14° C.
Luca Vino da uve stramature